Heather Necessity: Crufts 1929 Best in Show

Crufts 1929 Best in Show, originally uploaded by The Kennel Club.

Follow the links and you will find the Crufts Best in Show Roll of Honour over at Flickr. At the time of Heather’s win, Time magazine noted:

The four breeds of dog currently regarded by U. S. dealers as “most fashionable” are all terriers: Scottish, Cairn, Sealyham, wire-haired fox. Most of the best-bred Scotties in the U. S. last fortnight foregathered on a terrace of Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Button’s Long Island estate and permitted Dr. Clarence Cook Little, onetime president of the University of Michigan, now managing director of the American Society for the Control of Cancer, to compare their little black perfections in the Specialty Show of the Scottish Terrier Club, No. 1 event of the U. S. Scotty season. While the owners sipped tea and talked dog-shop, Dr. Little chose Watchman of Monagh Lea as No. 1 U. S. Scotty. This dog’s value: $3,000. His prize: $15 and a silver cup. World’s best Scotty is Heather Necessity, best-of-breed at London’s last Crystal palace show.

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    1. i hope you will be intersted to know that my grandfather TOM MURPHY bread and showed HEATHER NECESSITY for it s owner ROBERT CHAPMAN from glenboig near glasgow uk

      from john murphy

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