Live Blogging the National Dog Show

Update: And the winner is the Australian Shepherd who took her first best-in-show title. Even though we’re the Scottie News and were rooting for the Scottish Terrier, first, and the Sealyham, who won best terrier, second, we know how to be gracious in defeat. Good on ya, girl.


The show’s just getting under way.We’re watching the working dogs.

Is it just me or does the judge in the red jacket look like Madeleine Albright?

You can see the Scottish Terrier who won Best in Breed if you go here and scroll down.

12:30 The terriers are on next.

12:42 The Sealyham won best terrier.

1:20 Even though it’s not a holiday at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News Canadian world headquarters, we find this perfect viewing for a family gathering. It’s easy to duck in and out of the room and ooh and ah. Very calming with just enough dramatic tension.

And the Australian Shepherd wins.

Congratulation from the Scottie News.