A Scottie Dog rescue story

Monty’s story is a Scottish terrier rescue tale with a bittersweet ending.
Also on the rescue front, we’re a bit late reporting this news of the 179 dogs — including Scottish terriers –rescued from puppy mill in Virginia:

“Some (of the rescues) were pregnant females who had clearly been cruelly over-bred for years and years. In all, there were 179 dogs and puppies who had never been allowed to play on the grass or be held or hugged. These were the animals that Best Friends and local animal groups in Virginia rescued from a dilapidated puppy mill late in the night of Friday, October 12, and into dawn the next day.”

2 thoughts on “A Scottie Dog rescue story

  1. There have been two more busts in VA since then. Who would have guessed that VA has been masquerading as a lovely historical place to visit but is really a puppymill ‘capital’? Along with the Amish in PA, the idiots in MO, KS and who knows where else, we have to be ever vigillant to expose these horrors.

    TERRIER LOVERS WE HAVE A CONFLAGRATION GOING ON!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE contact your rescue groups and volunteer to foster!!! It’s not that you are promising to take on the dog forever, but you will provide a place of love, warmth, safety and respite for dogs who have never known cleanliness, good food, warmth in winter, coolness in summer’s heat nor a kind and soothing touch.

    If you work through a group, you get support and help. So contact your closest breed rescue group and sign up TODAY!!!

    Although my Scottie girl is at the Bridge, I still have my Cairns. Col. Potter, the country’s largest Cairn rescue group has 100 in foster care and is urgently needing 39 more foster spots. I know it’s the same for Scotties….. so PLEASE step up and give these kids the chance they deserve. If your spouse/partner says ‘no’ as you have not enough resources, remember fostering is NOT a foreer committment, just a few weeks. You will get back so much more than you ever give. Yes, you’ll tear up when they leave your care for a forever home but you will have done a great deed of love.

    The furkids thank you and we all in rescue thank you.

    Yours, aye
    Joanna in Las Vegas

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