Scottish Terrier Angus issues challenge to horse

In a video reminiscient of Blazing Saddles, Angus the Scottie dog prepares to take on a horse statue outside a store that sells cowboy clothes that probably aren’t even for real cowboys.

One of the commenters over at YouTube has proposed: “This is so funny. You should let him out to attack it!”

And Angus’ owner and videographer has replied: “People have suggested I let him out to see that it’s not real. I’m afraid it would break his heart though.”

The Scottie News agrees that, at the very least, it would deal a severe blow to Angus’ ego.

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One thought on “Scottish Terrier Angus issues challenge to horse

  1. That is just about THE cutest thing. My scotties were going nuts hearing Angus in the background. We LOVE watching Angus’ adventures. I would never let him see it’s not real; we all know how fragile the Scottie EGO can be

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