Terriers implicated in new electronic scam

Hard to believe anyone could fall for this, but if it didn’t work they wouldn’t bother.

“My name is Robin Peter. I and my wife and 3 kids are on a Christian Mission to Africa and I came along with my 2 Teacup Yorkshire Terrier babies.

“After awhile I notice that the African weather is not good for the puppy and I have not been able to take good care of her the way I always do because of my job.

“They are AKC registered Teacup, home raised, vaccines & health guarantee (sic). I need someone to adopt and take care of them the way I always do. If you can take good care of her do send a reply and will e-mail you with more info.

“P/S: Provide a contact phone number for further communication. I hope to read (sic) from you.

“Regards, Rev. Robin Peter