Christmas Gifts: Sweaters for Scottish Terriers

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To sweater or not to sweater your Scottish Terrier. That, given the wintery weather, is the question. On the one hand, the Scottie dog is a rugged breed born to roam the chilly highlands, not to mention the drafty Scottish home, in nothing more than a sturdy, wiry fur coat. On the other hand, Scotties like Maggie (below) do look unusally good in a tasteful sweater.

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While Scottish Terriers are unlikely to suffer from the cold, a sweater can help prevent Scottie snowballs, the condition in which balls of snow ranging in size from pea-like to golf ball attach themselves to the dog’s wiry coat, especially in the underarm and paw area. Be sure to choose a sweater that covers a good portion of the tummy and not just a fashion model with a strap underneath.

If you do opt for a sweater, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News recommends sticking to solid colours, plaids and argyles, or trying out some of the clever new stripes. Pictured at left are two exclusive and expensive models found on Ebay, a cashmere Burberry and Coach stripes. However, if you don’t have that kind of cash or wouldn’t spend it on a dog sweater even if you did, there are plenty of cheap, attractive dog sweaters available both online and also at retailers like Old Navy, which has a stylish affordable pet line.

Although there are conflicting opinions on this, we think only the rarest of floral prints can be worn well by a Scottie. This Daisy sweater from FetchDog is certainly the exception that proves the rule. We think it would work on either a wheaten or a black Scottish Terrier, and it’s very much in keeping with the whole 70s vibe of the moment.

Update: The owner of Cara, the windblown Scottie at the top of this post, writes to say: “I feel I should warn you, Cara (our scottie) does not take kindly to coats/jumpers/any sort of apparel. She will sulk, sit down and refuse to go anywhere…”

This gives us a good excuse to make the point that unless it’s for health reasons, no Scottish Terrier should be forced to get dressed against his or her will. Cara looks just fine in all her natural glory although we think she’d be totally bellissima in that daisy sweater.

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  1. Duncan and Molly, my two Scottish Terriers have jackets from Old Navy.
    Both Dogs wear their jackets to prevent the balls of snow on their underarm and paw area. The jackets hold up well and are very afordable from Old Navy.

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