Enough said

lawn ornament, originally uploaded by rarebearmeelo2007.

The owners of Dundee, the Scottish Terrier, say: “We could put Dundee out as a lawn ornament at Thanksgiving and bring him in after new years as he will not move an inch while wearing his holiday hat!”

This is acutally the second time we’ve heard of a case of Scottie dog immobilization syndrome due to undesired clothing or accessories. The first was the incident of Dickens the Scottish Terrier who treated sweaters like a straightjackets.

3 thoughts on “Enough said

  1. My family’s previous scottie who passed away 15 or so years ago had the same issue, but with his leash!
    You could have him in the front yard for hours, if the leash was attached to his collar he wouldn’t move a muscle!

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