Famous Scottish Terrier news and gossip

The Sunday Mirror confirms reader reports recieved last week by the Scottish Terrier and Dog News that Barney the first dog plays a leading role in the new BBC documentary about the Queen. Writes Kevin O’Sullivan:

While poor Dubya might not be that articulate, at least he gets his priorities right. The most powerful man in the world was excited at the prospect of introducing the Queen to his pet Scottish terrier Barney – America’s “first dog”.

“I hope Her Majesty will ask to meet Barney,” said George. “I know Barney would just love to meet her.” You couldn’t make it up!

Now, if only we knew whether they did finally get to meet.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports en passant that country music star Martina McBride is the owner of two-year-old Scottish Terrier, but we can’t find any references at all to that fact so Scottie Dog News is wondering if they didn’t get the breed wrong.

And speaking of breed mix-ups, what exactly is a Scottish border terrier and how come we also can’t find any references to that? The Scottie News got all excited when we saw this story about a Bond girl and her Scottish … Terrier — and then, poof, a huge letdown. If we weren’t such sticklers for facts, we could have had a huge Sunday morning scoop about Scottish Terriers being the favoured pets of the world’s most powerful man (the US president), the world’s most powerful woman (the bond girl), and a country music star. But because we here at the Scottie News are trained to sniff out stories that are too good to be true, we’ve got to warn you that the existence of only one of these headline-making dogs has actually been confirmed.

Meanswile the Daily Dachshund and Dog News is covering the scandal surrounding the late Brooke Astor’s doxies as well as the latest news on Denmark’s Prince Henrik, known implausibly for eating dogs and loving Dachshunds. And you thought it was only Scotties involved in scandals.