How to deal with Scottie snowballs

Phoebe has a very bad case of Scottie Snowballs, the balls of snow that attach themselves to a Scottish Terrier’s coat, mostly around the legs, underarms and muzzle:

Thanks to the moderator of Yahoo’s Nothing But Scotties group, however, we have a cure, which we’ll let her describe:

I have a wee trick for snowballs that affix themselves to scottie furnishings – it’s really a mess to get to armpit ice balls off – I plop them in the tub with just an inch of tepid water – then sort of scoop a bit of lukewarm water into the snow and ice balls – they dissolve right away – and it also keeps any salt or whatever might be around in the winter off their feet – they are usually a bit wet when they come inside from snow anyway and require a quick toweling – so this is just one more step and I find it easier then other methods I’ve tried – :o)

More cold weather advice can be found here, tips on Scottish Terrier Sweaters here, and a Scottie dog snow odyssey here.

Update: If you try this trick and your Scottie does what mine did and hops out of the tub, here are more tricks Nothing But Scottie’ moderator: “If your girl is not used to the tub, she will get used to it if you include a few ‘tub only’ toys — balls, whatever — and keep the water just tepid, room temp. and only an inch deep.”

5 thoughts on “How to deal with Scottie snowballs

  1. We just adopted a wonderful recued boy, Jack, who is 9 mos and he loves the snow. Thanks for the advice because he comes in covered and I don't know what to do. I will try the tub of water. Thanks again and enjoy the winter.

    1. I have had Duncan 4 months and he loves the snow (I dont care for it!) getting these snow balls off at 9pm can be taxing, will try the warm foot bath from now on, happy Scotty New Year

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