Scottie Dogs pose for Christmas Card

It takes a while but two Scottish Terriers finally strike the right Christmas card pose.

This is these guys’ second appearance on the Scottie News. Merry Christmas to the entire family.

P.S. If you’re not up for DIY dog cards, Amazon has a great selection of Scottish Terrier Christmas cards.

5 thoughts on “Scottie Dogs pose for Christmas Card

  1. Thanks for linking this. The entire photo shoot only took about 10 minutes, which really surprised us. The dogs were so confused as to what was going on that they actually behaved…we ended up propping them up on some pillows to get the final shot (that surprised us as well…the wheaton one likes to hump pillows, but he didn’t this time).

    My parents now send a photo of the boys as their Christmas card enclosure every year (they’ve replaced my sister and me since we left the house). The first year they did this was with the black one only…before the wheaton one was born. That photo shoot took over an hour, if I remember correctly…he was less than cooperative.

  2. Oh, gosh, this was TOO funny and I’m still chuckling. That was so sweet and I must say, those owners have mega patience! But it was so worth it….the photo came out perfect. Hope you don’t mind, but I might link this to my blog. It’s so cute. And Thanks for posting it.

  3. Cute picture…reminds me of this past Sunday coaxing Tartan to sit up in front of the Christmas tree with his Santa hat on for a picture.

  4. ..and I thought I went to a lot of trouble for a PHOTO OP…LOL That’s ADORABLE!!! Great Job! HAPPY CHRISTMAS! 🙂

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