The Scottish Terrier and the Buried Treasure

Heading out into the first major snowfall of the season, Scottish Terrier Bridget, picks up a familiar scent

Scottish Terrier in snowShe digs in the freshly fallen snow

Scottie dog in snowThe Scottie Dog News heads in to get a look at the mysterious object

Bridget digs some more

She succeeds in unearthing the object

Dog with bagel
It is a world famous Montreal bagel

world famous montreal bagel
From the world famous bagel store down the street from the global headquarters of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News

Normally Bridget is thrilled to find bagels in the lane but these ones are frozen

dog loves bagelsOh well, why not just invent a new Olympic sport even more bizarre than some of the ones they have already. Bagel boarding, anyone?

bagel boarding

5 thoughts on “The Scottish Terrier and the Buried Treasure

  1. HYSTERICAL! I laughed so much my sides ache. How typically Scottie! What a sight of the Scottie bretheren from the North…. we have to travel a bit to get our kids to the snow. We COULD leave our bagels out in the hot desert sun to get hard enough to ‘board’ with.

  2. Obviously, Bridget comes from a long line of bagel hunters.

    Trust me she is not alone!. I have one at home that would of smelled the smell of a bagel for miles.

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