Will Reggie the Scottie dog steal opera crown?

The unknown Scottish Terrier Reggie broke on to the YouTube scene yesterday with his operatic solo debut, and he already looks set to threaten the supremacy of Basil, best known as Maria Callas’ leading man. Critics could find only one fault with Reggie and that was his rather large bottom teeth which could be a distraction at times.


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3 thoughts on “Will Reggie the Scottie dog steal opera crown?

  1. Gosh they are all hilarious……Nessie has an ear splitting bark when she wants to play and you are ignoring her – her way of getting her WAY……when she sees a deer or squirrel, rabbit she just so excited and does all BARKS and races around like “let me get at them”…..then she has are low level grrrr when she is being nice about wanting something…..
    I love them they have such unique personalities like no other dog I have had. My Ailsa (Westie) her bark is so quiet by comparison but she can be a trouble maker and just bark at nothing just to get Nessie going then they run from one patio door to the next back and forth to see what’s going on – NOTHING !!!! LOL
    I am sure there are money more owners who can relate to this, it’s amazing how many commonalities you find with the scotties through this newsletter….I love it I know I am not alone
    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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