Campaign 2008 update: Barack beats Hillary in SC

IMG_2219_1, originally uploaded by redrumXIII.

Scottie Dog News has not yet been able to find any Hillary Clinton/Scottish Terrier ties so we’ve settled for a picture of a Hillary look-alike with a Scottish Terrier. Apologies if you think that was cheating and that she looks too cheerful for someone who just lost South Carolina.

Meanwhile, here is some canine-related news about the South Carolina Dems victor from the other Dog Lady — meaning the one who writes the syndicated newspaper column — who received an advice-seeking letter from Annie in Lincoln Park: “My husband thinks we should …name (our labradoodle puppy) ‘Bark Obama.’ My husband is a huge Barack Obama supporter,” she wrote. “So am I, but I feel this name is too much. You?”

The other Dog Lady replied: “Actually, Dog Lady thinks your husband is quite clever. ‘Bark Obama’ is an amusing homage.” The rest of the answer here.

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2 thoughts on “Campaign 2008 update: Barack beats Hillary in SC

  1. OMG!! Thanks for using my pic.. Sadly it’s not my scottie, it belongs to my friend Doris who brought Cammy from Mexico for me. In any event, congrats on this great blog! I will forever bookmark it!

    Edwin (aka RedrumXIII)

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