Does your Scottie dog need to trim down?

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News reported yesterday that Scotties are considered high risk when it comes to obesity. So if your Scot is a little on the chubby side, we’re offering some exercise and diet tips. Just as is the case with humans, there are no easy solutions when it comes to shedding pounds. So, sorry, no miracle cures — just a link to this site offers a lot of good information on weight loss in dogs.

Needless to say, exercise is a factor in getting and keeping weight off dogs. The great outdoors is always the best option but if you live in a snowy, cold clime with a dog who gets sore paws in winter, you might want to consider a workout on the treadmill. Small Dogs Paradise has a great three-part series on dogs and treadmills.

Part 1 – Is dog treadmill a must-have?
Part 2 – Dos and Don’ts of exercising your dogs on the treadmill
Part 3 – A step-by-step exercising guide

dog asleep on treadmillPhoto by Anne Norman taken from Flickr

Looks like Emily (above) could stand to take a few treadmill lessons from our hard-bodied Scottie treadmill expert.

5 thoughts on “Does your Scottie dog need to trim down?

  1. I live in Anchorage AK, and just got my first scottie (I have always had huskies before) and was surpirsed to learn how much he loves the snow. Leo (my scottie) hops in HUGE snow banks. I would suggest walking your dog outside as the best solution to weight loss…plus it is always fun to watch your dog hop in piles of snow.

  2. Scottie News’ treadmillless world headquarters are located in Montreal so we are no strangers to snow.

    If you do a key word search on smow you’ll see lots of pictures of Scots frolicking in the white stuff.

    The problem is the salt and chemicals on the streets — especially with a dog that won’t do boots and hates paw cream.

    Bridget myst be carried across on the bad days.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  3. Can I ask if anyone knows how many gramms of food they feed their scottie a day? Mac is just back from the vet and after several tests to discover why he is panting excessively she has decided it is his weight, I think it was the outline of blubber in his x-ray that gave it away! He will now be dieting but I'm not sure how much I should reduce his daily intake by. He is 14.8 kilos and his ideal weight is around 12.5. He has an appointment at the weight clinic but would like scottie owners advice. Thank you.

  4. Our Angus (he is 3 years old) is overweight (last weigh-in was 34 pounds; sorry, I do not know the metric system). We have reduced his food intake to the portions recommended (1/2 cup in the morning and 1/2 cup in the evening). However, I have been mixing his food with green beans, lettuce and other vegies (which he loves) so that it fills him up without adding calories and fat. Once in a while I give him cooked yam mixed in his food; since yams have sugar I don't do this on a regular basis.) We are beginning to see a "waist line" and he seems to have more energy. I totally disagree with the AKC's weight guidelines (18-22 pounds).. Angus is a big boy even without the extra weight!

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