In defence of Scotsmen

This isn’t our usual subject matter but the Scottish and Terrier and Dog News couldn’t let this the dubious claim that no Scotsman is hotter than male model Florent Leturmy — who featured in our ‘Kilts and Dogs’ special report — pass without comment.

We have only this to say:

3 thoughts on “In defence of Scotsmen

  1. Now, there is a real man. None of this silly shirtless stuff. And plenty of hair on the chest underneath.

  2. Maybe it is a generational thing, but Sean just doesn’t do it for me. I look at that photo and see his toupee. and think about the reports of what a raging sexist he is. However, can I nominate both Dougray Scott (MI II and Ever After) and Ewan McGregor instead?

  3. Sean Connery is BETTER looking in age than he was when younger. His roles are better as well. The other younger nominees are just too wimpy for my taste. Perhaps when they have donated the millions of dollars that Sir Sean has, for educational scholarships of young Scots, then I might have a wee bit more concern about them. They look more like self indulgent boys to me.

    Yours, aye

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