Kilt lovers object to skirted Scottie dogs

Updated April 21, 2008 for all the visitors outraged by the Unabomber beard reference. Let’s just say, this Scottish Terrier fits that description too.

Scottie Front by scorpy on Flickr

And now the original post:

Over the weekend a member of the kilted community, X Marks the Scot, discovered our post on Scottish Terriers and kilts, and brought it up in his group’s “General Kilt Talk” forum, leading to a heated discussion about the ethics of costuming dogs.

According to Riverkilt, an opinionated participant who describes himself as a “kilted gentleman of Arizona, ” a kilted dog would have to be kept indoors. “If they got outside dressed like that in the canyonlands, the coyotes would spot them in a heartbeat,” he wrote. “Guessing the kilts and vest would give the coyote indigestion after his meal.”

Not so, replied Auld Argonian: “More like the coyotes would be so busy laughing that the wee doggie would have plenty of time to get away.”

And so it goes. Three pages worth of dogs-in- kilt jokes from a bunch of guys, many of whom wear Unabomber-style beards along with their kilts.
In other kilt news, loyal reader and frequent commenter Joanna suggested that those who are prepared to deal with other’s snickers and get their dog a special Robbie Burns day outfit might want to check out Doggy Duds for the “really cute and well made kilt” modelled by Starry Night. “These even include the traditional jabot and a wee bagpipe,” notes Joanna althought the Scottie Dog News is not 100% sure that more bagpipes in the world is a good thing.

6 thoughts on “Kilt lovers object to skirted Scottie dogs

  1. WHAT!?!?!?! There are never ENOUGH bagpipes!!!
    My Scottie girl and my Cairns ALL love bagpipe music.
    There’s always at least one CD in my changer. The others are usually Scottish and/or Irish music of some sort. But it is the skirl of the pipes that gets them yapping and frapping. Highland games have always been the highlight of their social season. Scottish dogs love Scottish music! Mine always hold their heads a little higher, the tails a little waggier when their heritage is near.

    “If it’s nae Scottish, it’s CRAAAAP”

  2. I giggle. I personaly have nothing against a dog wearing a kilt. I just think it’s funny how we both have found each other’s sites and are monitoring them. Someone on each site must be a member of the others, and that’s great. Cheers to dogs in kilts and men in kilts!

    On a side note though, most of us don’t look like the unibomber. :)

  3. I agree Cowboy-R.

    I said “most” don’t look like the unibomber. We’ve already confirmed that at least one of us does. :) (cough…MacDougall) hehehe. he said it himself.

    Thanks for the good spirited fun, and you’ve got a nice looking site here.


  4. Lovely to have all you Scottish gentlemen round for a visit.

    Re the Unabomber’s beard, the picture over on your thread mad me realize that in my mind, the Unabomber’s beard had become way, way longer.

    It would probably be more accurate to describe it as a Saddam or Santa beard.

  5. how adorable im just a 12 year old girl who has a large heart for scotties so anything scottie is fine by me. for instance if your going to a scottish event who wouldnt love to see a scottie in a kilt like come on….thats awesome!!!! also i love this blog

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