Movie talk: Bogie and Scottie star in Stand-In

Further to our Oscar post last week, it has come to the attention of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News (via Monty on Movies)that Scottie owner Humphrey Bogart actually starred in a movie with a Scottie that many film afficionados suspect was one of his own.

Stand-In, a satirical look at the movie business featuring Bogart in a rare comic role, gets pretty good reviews. Writes Allessa-3 from Michigan on the Internet Movie Database, “(Bogie) has one of the funniest scenes. Thrown out of a bar because he’s drunk, he and his little Scottie dog stand outside it. Bogart wears a placard saying ‘this cafe is unfair to me,’ and the dog wears a placard saying the same thing. Shirley Temple is also satirized in this film. If you love old movies, you shouldn’t miss this one!”

In all fairness though, the Scottie News must also point out to you that this little-known film has its detractors including one Glenn Erickson at DVD Savant who faults it for “awkward miscasting, and a plot about a meaningless power struggle.” We’d be more inclined to trust his judgment, however, if he didn’t say that Bogart was “frequently carrying a foolish-looking dog.”

Bad taste in dogs often reveals bad taste in movies. Good taste in dogs means good taste in movie scripts as Bogie showed a few years later when he filmed Casablanca in 1942.