New trend: Naming dogs after celebrities

Further to our post about whether it was a bit off to name black Scottish Terriers after famous black people, we get word that naming your dog after a celebrity is now something of a trend. Britain’s PDSA has even compiled a list of the 10 most popular celebrity pet names:

  1. Tyson (Mike)
  2. Harry (Potter or Prince)
  3. Ozzy (Osbourne)
  4. Robbie (Williams)
  5. Rooney (Wayne)
  6. Beckham (David)
  7. Paris (Hilton)
  8. Elvis (Presley)
  9. Jessie (Wallace)
  10. Britney (Spears)

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2 thoughts on “New trend: Naming dogs after celebrities

  1. Hi!!! I just found your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it! My husband and I are looking at the videos and cracking up! We are adding you to our favorites for more visits. We have our first Scotty, Duhgall, and you can find plenty of stories of him on our blog. Lallee is a good friend of mine and her Oliver and Baggins are adorable! I’ll, I should say WE, will be back for more visits! Here Here to more Scotty musings!



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