R-rated: Turkish Scottish Terriers

Turkish Cops and their Dogs by Jimmy-Dean

This week’s Wednesday Global Report on Scottish Terriers Around the World contains disturbing information about the plight of Scotties in Turkey so if you can’t deal with some of the baser stuff the internet offers up, step away from your computers now.

Despite being a family-friendly site, the Scottie News — thanks mainly to these two posts — receives a certain small number of hits from people looking for information about dogs and sex. In the course of analyzing these reader statistics, the publisher of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News remarked upon the fact that these visitors arrived overwhelmingly from Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Hamburg, Germany.

Given that pets are banned in Saudi Arabia and that we recently covered German Scotties, we decided this week to investigate the situation in Turkey and discovered this person asking how to find a Scottish Terrier. He was advised:

As a crass generalisation, people in Turkey aren’t really into keeping pets. Cats are for keeping down vermin and dogs are for protecting sheep, goats and warning of intruders. If you’re near a big town you could ask a vet. Otherwise importing is your best bet.

If he does indeed import, we can only hope things turn out as well for the dog as they did for General Pervez Musharraf’s first dog Whiskey, who he acquired in Turkey and who inspired the Pakistani president with a lifelong love of canines.