Rescue Scottie turns to opera singing

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News just heard from the owner of Reggie, the opera singing Scottie dog,that he is a rescue Scot. Here are the details:

Reggie is a 4-year-old brindle Scottie that I rescued when he was 16 months old. My first Scottie, MacGregor, didn’t sing so I was very surprised when Reggie started singing a couple weeks after he came to live with me. I sing with the opera chorus in Madison Wisconsin and as I was rehearsing for a production of The Pearl Fishers last spring, I would listen to the CD of the music. Every time Reggie would start singing in the same place in the overture and continue singing with the men’s and women’s chorus. When only the men were singing, Reggie lays down and waits until the women come back in to begin singing again. He’s very consistent and sings everytime I play the CD. I’ll say “Reggie, let’s sing some opera” and he jumps up in his chair to wait for his cue in the music. He’s a very special little guy and I’m so lucky to have a singing Scottie for my companion.

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