Robbie Burns Day: Are you grooming your Scottie?

Calling all Scottish Terrier owners. Tomorrow is Robbie Burns day so if you haven’t done it yet, you’ll have to get grooming now — dog kilt or no dog kilt.

Scottish Terrier gets groomedTaming of the Shrew (Scottish Terrier grooming) by Victornado on Flickr

The Scottie News gets a lot of visits from people looking for tips on how to groom their Scottie dog or get the classic Scottish Terrier haircut just right. These photos show just how dangerous it can be. First off, there’s the muzzle that looks like a gas mask and then there’s the grooming table that resembles a gallows. Not to mention all thos knives. Ah, beauty, always such a steep price to pay.

DSCN2948, originally uploaded by empebi.

For more Scottish Terrier grooming tips and pictures — including information on stripping — just click on the grooming label directly below.

3 thoughts on “Robbie Burns Day: Are you grooming your Scottie?

  1. Do you happen to know of any books specific to grooming your Scottish Terriers?
    Now that I have two Scotties I am looking at my options because of the cost of grooming two.

  2. Hi, there are two super fantastic cottage bloggers with Scotties who should be up on this. I am going to ask them for recommendations and do a pot on it. Thanks for asking.

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