A Scottie dog photo essay

Over at Sweet Cottage Dreams, there are even more Scottie photos for you to check out. When I see the way SCD and Lallee take care of their houses and their Scottish Terriers, I’m filled with jealousy awe and you will be too. My Scottie, Bridget, is so grubby I can’t imagine letting her get near the European linen pillow sham we don’t have at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News world headquarters. (To tell the truth, we don’t even have a fashionable crate cover.)

But enough about me. Let’s pick the brains of the Scottie-owning, cottage-blogging gals since, it goes without saying, they do their own dog grooming and the Scottie News has recently had a request for DIY grooming tips for Scottish Terriers. Would either of you be able to recommend a good book or guide for our readers who are in the market? Many thanks in advance.

Update: Both Lallee and Becky of SCD provided advice that can be found in our Scottish Terrier Grooming section.

One thought on “A Scottie dog photo essay

  1. Hi there! Well, here at SCD, we don’t do our grooming, other than the nearly daily brushin’ to keep the tangles out. We bathe Duhgall once a week in Oatmeal or Tea Tree shampoo. There is a great item that we use so he tolerates getting brushed and that is a product called Cowboy Magic. We bought ours at Petsmart. It is made for grooming horses, however it works wonders on scotty hair. It gives the coat a sheen and smells good and the brush goes through the hair quite easily. Hope this helps and thanks, Ann, for the mention! Lallee will get a kick out it, too!

    Becky and Duhgall P.

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