Scottish Terrier forced to take part in bad ‘theatre’

They’re still writing plays like this? The Scottish Terrier and Dog News thought this kind of thing was over — and deservedly so — in the eighties. And dragging a Scottish Terrier into it, really! Enough already.

The Pyramid is a tragicomedy about the consequences of repressed sexuality and thwarted dreams.It delves into the lives of Kate, a housewife who is a lesbian about to come out; her husband Jack; and Pete, their gay Scottish terrier who sees everything and knows much more than he should.Their lives are changes forever in one moment of innocence and betrayal.The Pyramid explores gay identity and is presented in three monologues.

Today’s theatre is all about YouTube and mash-ups like this video where two hot young Spanish guys get their wheaten Scottish Terrier to listen to the great opera singing Scottie, Basil. Not only does the Spanish dog join in, but so do the guys. The classical performing arts are referenced, there’s homo-erotica, sophisticated technology is employed, and no arts council grants were required. Fabuloso!

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