Scottish Terriers abducted: Can you help?

Kathleen of Trussville, Alabama (AL) recently commented on the Scottie News:

On November 12, we had our two male scotties, Duncan and Higgins, (father and son) abducted from our yard. THey are 11 and 13 years old, and have been with our family since they were each 7 weeks old. They cooked with me, traveled with me, slept with me. I have searched and searched, placing ads and offering rewards, to no avail. I came across your website and wanted to say how wonderful it is. If any of your visitors come across, or have come across two older scotties that they think might be mine, I would appreciate the head’s up. My Duncan and Higgins still own my heart, and I miss them so much. My e-mail address is

9 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers abducted: Can you help?

  1. This is absolutely the saddest story! I was so upset to hear it!! Who would do a thing like this and WHY? Won’t the police help at all?

    I will be thinking of you and hoping that they are returned to you very soon.

  2. Oh, I agree! I’m SO sad to hear about this. I can’t even imagine having my dogs taken from my yard!
    I’m also hoping very much they’ll be returned to this person very soon and of course, I’ll have my eyes out for 2 Scotties.

  3. gosh, this is so terrible!!! you think you are safe in your own home but someone takes away your precious scotties….so sad…..I hope you will find them…I would go door to door and ask if anyone saw them, check police, check all the shelters, check with the scottie club in your area,,,,,,best wishes for a safe return…renee ^.^

  4. My Scottie – Mr. Bogie gets ear aches a lot. Not a lot, but about 2 times a year.
    The vet was ordering a $70.00 medicine, and just wonder if anyone else knows of a good affordable med?

  5. I am so sorry to hear about your two Scotties! Hopefully, they will end up at a shelter or rescue (our Rescues in TN are on the constant look-out for Scotties who are turned in to shelters), and they come pick them up. You might try calling around to different states around AL and just see if any shelters/rescues have them. Prayers 4 you and them.

  6. A nightmare…you don’t have animals hiding around your home that could have come into your yard? We have bears, etc. God Bless, I hope that they are returned to you right away.

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