Scottish Terriers Around the World: Mexico

This week for our Wednesday Global Scottish Terrier report, we are travelling to Mexico, home of Kika, perro (roll those R’s everybody) Mexicano. In the first video, we see Kika travelling in a car with her head out the window. The neglect of safety standards is nothing like in this video of two Dachshunds hanging out of a car, but it does remind the editor of the Scottie News of her days studying in Morelia, Mexico and some of the very dangerous bus rides she took back then. Too bad she can’t remember how to say “plus ça change plus c’est la même chose” in Spanish.

Next up we see brave Kika drinking from a Mexican fountain, something that the Scottish Terrier and Dog News warns both you and your dog never to do. NAFTA or no NAFTA, you should be very careful of all Mexican water and ice. We gringos do not have Kika’s constitution and immune system. Just say, “Una cerveza por favor.”

Update: The Scottish Terrier and Dog News dealt with the controversy that arose in the comments with a separate post: Ay Caramba! Kika the Scottie Has Two Mommies!

11 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers Around the World: Mexico

  1. Hi, I am Kika’s Mom

    I am glad you are worried about my dog’s safety, but it is not possible notice in the video that I was holding my dog very well from her belt, plus it was a straight zone of the road, not danger at all.

    About the second video, well, all dogs drink from the piping 🙂

    Next time you publish a video about my dogs, I will apreciate if you tell me, especialy if you are worried about their safety. I think if you aware me about what I am doing wrong instead of just mock, you will reflect betther your true love for dogs ¿don’t you think so?


    PS I didn’t understand the French / English quote you said was Spanish. ;P

  2. Oh dear, I think something was lost in translation. I have no doubt Kika is very well looked after and loved. If you would like to send along a favourite picture of her we will be happy to publish it.

    Also, are there many Scotties in Mexico?

  3. Hi!
    I’m Kika’s owner and You Tube’s account owner where you stoled my video without any message for my permisson.

    I’m very angry because if you don’t know NOTHING about me and about my dogs, you can’t say NOTHING about the care that I can give them.

    Is a great boorishness from you that you exhibit me and exhibit Kika in your blog writing only lies.

    My You Tube’s account is public therefore you can’t stole a video and make a untrue story.

    Beside, is INCREDIBLE, ridiculous, that you write a relation between NAFTA and scottish terrier’s security. Oh, my god! People write anything for fame!!!

    Please, when you want use a video of my account, you must need my autorization for this… if this no exist, you can’t use my videos for exhibit me. And no, I will not close my account… only, you must respect to people.

    Thank you!

  4. Hello,

    My apolgies for not leaving you a message that I had used your videos. I almost always do but somehow I didn’t get around to it in your case.

    If you would like me to remove the post with your videos just let me know and I will take it down.

    As I said earlier, I think something was lost in translation. As you can see by reading the archives, most people are quite happy to have their photos and videos appear on the Scottie News.

    I’ll await your decision.

  5. Confused Anonymous: Yes, two owners, both lesbians.

    Texas reader: She is María Felix, one of the most important movie actress of México of 40’s and 50’s. She was very famous also in films from Spain and France.

    She is “La doña” (The Lady / Diva)

    Dog lady and publisher: All the problem was you taking our video without promision. Also, used it for saying what is NOT suggest to do with dogs.

    As I told you before, you could tell me both issues (use my video and tell me what not do with my dogs) before use it.

    It is ok, you can keep it published, I am a blogger as well and I never like when some one want to censured my posts. Just we hope you learned the simple lesson, ask before do.

    But everything is ok.

    About the rest of you, trying to find out why a dog has two female owners, it is possible, if you are a lesbian and have a partner… AND a dog, of course 😉

  6. Notwithstanding the fact that Kika’s owners have the worst English I have ever read, I don’t speak Spanish or any other foreign language so, the question is, what does licor de pera’s last post mean?

  7. Kika’s owners are Mexican and speak Spanish as their mother tongue. Writing in a foreign language is extremely challenging — way more so than speaking another language, which is no walk in the park either.

    So unless you’re Joseph Conrad or Samuel Beckett, may I politely suggest that you cut Kika’s owners some slack.

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