Scottish Terriers around the world: Deutschland

wheaten and black scottish terriers
It’s Mittwoch as they say in German, which means time for our new Global Scottish Terrier Report. Today, we look at the situation of Scottish Terriers in Germany, where, unsurprisingly, they like to pose their dogs in cars. Now, can anyone tell us what type of auto it is in which these black and wheaten Bocks Clan Scottish Terriers have been so artfully aranged? For further clues, you’ll find the Bocks Clan home page here.

More information on Scotties in Deutschland can be found — in both English and German — at the Scottish Terrier Förderverein (loose translation = GermanFansofScottishTerriersandLongWords). And if you’re in Germany and want a rescue terrier, check out Scotch Terrier in Not.

Oh yes, and if you go to Scottie Tails and scroll down you can see some Ausländer Scotties visiting the Brandenburg Gate. Ja wohl!
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2 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers around the world: Deutschland

  1. Really liked your heartfelt comment on Germany. Certainly the car will be a German Model with long behind, so my best guess is Volkswagen Passat. We could always ask the Wuppertalers to solve the riddle.

    Certainly there are enough scotties here in Germany – everytime I visit a town (like Berlin or Bad Homburg or Offenburg) I at least see one cousin crossing our road.
    But hélas! no overbreeding here neither – the westies and jack russels are still the best candidates for this excesses. And my dog-groomer says the westies have by now such thin coat you cannot stripp them any more, the back-coat is simply not wiry enough. We certainly do not want this for our scotties, right?

    greatings from the German Forest….

  2. Hi I’ve always had Scotties, I am living in Berlin Germany and would like to get one, any suggestions?? 😉

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