Scottish Terriers in Scotland

As we lead up to Robbie Burns Day on Friday, we will have a bit of a Scottish theme going on here at the Scottie Dog News. And we’re beginning with an issue we’ve covered before — discrimination against Scottish Terriers on dog signs like these, found not only in North America but as far away as Finland and Japan where the Scottish Terrier population numbers, perhaps, 15.
no scottish terrier signSign by jay5squared at Flickr

Alas, we cannot show you the most egregious example which bans Scottish Terriers from performing a necessary daily function — pooping. You’ll have to go to Flickr to see it for yourself. It’s hardly surprising that the dog poop signs in Scotland take a different approach.

No Fouling, originally uploaded by ad442.

And they’re even more Scottie-friendly in the Highlands where the locals have created special terrier crossings. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News is 100% behind this policy and hopes to see smore positive images of Scottie signage in the coming year.

terrier crossing, originally uploaded by acb.

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2 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers in Scotland

  1. I LOVE THAT TERRIER CROSSING SIGN! I believe I need one for my two fuzzy boys! I agree, we should be as “terrier friendly” as they are in the homeland!

  2. Here in NYC, we’re all gearing up for The 2008 Tartan Day Parade!

    I promise photos of the dogs marching in their kilts. By the way, I am not one that dresses my dog on a normal basis, but for this event, I’m afraid to have Savvy NOT show up in plaid!

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