Use Cowboy Magic to groom your Scottie Dog

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Thanks to Sweet Cottage Dreams, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News is bringing you a somewhat-exclusive about a hot new dog grooming product little known to urban dog lovers — it’s Cowboy Magic.

Horses and humans have been using it since 1995 when the Anaheim, California-based company was founded, and, apparently, dog groomers recognized its magic powers not long after. “Professional dog groomers and show dog owners discovered COWBOY MAGIC® DETANGLER & SHINE more than a decade ago,” Cowboy Magic president and founder Jim Cummings told “We have never advertised or targeted our marketing efforts in that direction until now.” also reported:

The product’s popularity spread not as the result of aggressive marketing and but rather by word-of-mouth. As word quickly spread through the dog world, Cummings realized that a whole new market was opening up for all his products—and he is positioning his company to reach that market.

To promote COWBOY MAGIC® DETANGLERTM & SHINE, Cummings coined a tag line for professional dog groomers: “Dog Grooming’s Best Kept Secret!”

The COWBOY MAGIC® DETANGLERTM & SHINE, the first COWBOY MAGIC® grooming product created by the COWBOY MAGIC company, can now be found in use in professional grooming shops around the country. The detangler and conditioning product works on a dog’s hair just as well as it does on a horse’s mane and tail to remove mats and detangle even the most stubborn knots. Matted hair combs smooth again, without breakage and with no greasy residue left behind. Hair is soft, shiny and silky. Furthermore, the alcohol-free formula contains silk proteins to soften and condition the coat and skin. Like their horse owner counterparts, professional dog groomers have become loyal customers who swear they won’t use anything else on their clients’ beloved canine companions.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has learned through its research that among the most dedicated users of Cowboy Magic are old English Sheep Dog owners and if anyone knows a thing or two about detangling it would be them.

old English sheep dog being groomeShe Smiles Even When She Is Being Groomed by Pet Menagerie at Flickr

What’s more, Sweet Cottage Dreams wouldn’t have tipped us off to this product if she didn’t like it, and just look at the great shape her dog’s coat is in. Just hope it’s available in Canada.

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