Wanted: Scottish Terrier fur, postage paid

No, it’s not Cruella de Vil who’s after the dog fur but rather San Francisco artist Lauren Davies whose art project, The Breeders, “explores the world of pedigree dog breeding via drawings and scale models of assorted breeds of dogs.” Apparently local Scottish Terrier groomers can’t provide her with enough fur for her Scottie Dog sculpture, so she’s making an appeal to owners. Lauren will even pay for shipping which is something Cruella deVil absolutely never did. Contacts can be found in the top right-hand corner of the artist’s website.

In the mean time, you’ll just all have to admire the West Highland terrier or Westie above.
(Hat tip: Dog Art Today)

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Scottish Terrier fur, postage paid

  1. LOL! The way Duncan grows (and about to cut off skirt for midwest summer) I have fur also!!!

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