Why are Westies more popular than Scottie dogs?

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News‘ unofficial New York correspondent filed this report from Animal Haven, an upscale animal adoption centre in the heart of Soho where she took her Scottie to a wine and cheese meet-up. (It’s hearing about stuff like this that makes the Scottie Dog News want to transfer its world headquarters to Manhattan)

Anyway, apparently, the seven West highland Terriers all ganged up on little Savvy, the Scottie puppy. While it is true that Savvy had earlier been bothering the Westies, they did not seem to take into account the fact she was just a baby and showed her little mercy.

Of course, most Scotties are used to being outnumbered by Westies, but — surprisingly, according to AKC registration statistics — West Highlands are only twice as popular as Scottish Terriers. The Scottie News would have thought, based on our own surveys and scenes like the picture above, that there were at least three to four times the number of Westies. What do our readers say? And why are Westies more popular anyway? Is it Black Dog Syndrome? Or are Westies easier going than Scots?

Update: We now have video from the event

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15 thoughts on “Why are Westies more popular than Scottie dogs?

  1. I own both a Westie and a Scottie. I was shocked to discover how totally different they are, not only physically, but personality! As far as popularity, I’m not sure but I think the “black dog syndrome” may be something to do with it — hard to see facial expressions on a totally black dog.

  2. Hi! Just stumbled across your blog and I think it’s really cool! Good job! Anyways I have to agree that westies are more popular than scotties. I own a scottie puppy and there are only 2 other scotties in my densely packed neighborhood and maybe 6 westies.

    Also interestingly enough when we go to the dog park many people ask me if he is a westie and because he’s a puppy he does get picked on quite a bit. I can’t figure it out, but can totally relate to your NY correspondent.

    Keep up your great blog! I’m adding this to my short list of new blogs to make the rounds on!

  3. I’ve also had both as well as Cairn Terriers. I love them all. My Scottie was more sedate, but just as loving and bonded as my Westie and as my Cairns are. And remember, Scotties DO come in grey brindles and wheatens. If I had the room, I would have ALL the teriers of Scotland!

  4. It is DEFINITELY easier to hide the dirt on a black dog! My Westie comes home from the groomer looking absolutely beautiful and then promptly rubs his back and rolls around in the grass!

  5. I have to agree that Westie’s are way more popular than Scottie’s, but darn if I know why!
    As far as the black-dog syndrome….I have a Wheaton color Scottie, so that can’t be the reason.
    All I know is….since I got Duncan almost 2 years ago, I’ve seen ONE Scottie in our travels. Just one and a million Westie’s. But give me a Scottie any day. I love their dignified personality and bright intelligence.

  6. Hi Everyone! New York correspondent here. I just wanted to say how exciting it was to see our photo on this blog that I love so much! And I wanted to defend those Westies–they were all very sweet and even though Savvy is a puppy, she was being REALLY rough on them so she deserved to be ganged up on! She’s got the Scottie temper, for sure.

  7. I have a scottie and a westie and I have to say they are like night and day. Scotties are more laid back and sensitive and westies are very active and very intelligent. I love the “arrroooo” sound the scotties make. These two dogs adore each other. Pairing them up is the way to go.

    Janet Gargas

  8. It is obvious that westies are more popular. I have one and it likes to romp around and roll in the mud. Im not sure why thier more popular but i have gotten to see a scottie and westies are way more active.

  9. For me, Scotties look more dignified than Westies. They also have a more striking look, but maybe not as “approachable” as Westies, hence the popularity difference. I’m team Scottie all the way, though. Go Scotties!!!

  10. pour ma part le westie est plus populaire, mais le scottish a une plus forte personnalitée, j’ai la chance d’avoir une chienne noire et un male froment, tous scoties et déja différent selon la couleur, le noir est beaucoup plus zen, le froment est beaucoup plus affectueux, ce sont des chiens hors du commun
    je les adorent

  11. I think Westies are more outgoing than Scottie’s or Cairns. Scottie’s tend to be more of a one-person dog while Westies seem like they’re always happy. And I think the white dog photographs better. But deep down, they’re all terriers and all great dogs! I’d have no other.

  12. We had the privilege of having 3 Westies and one Scottie.
    They are so similar but there is a certain dignity
    A Scottie does exhibit . We love them both. We lost
    Our beloved Scottie much too early at age of 6 because
    Of cancer. Can’t get her out of our minds. She was so dear.
    Our latest pup is a Westie and we adore her as well. They are the
    Only breed we would have by choice. U never know what little
    Creature will come to your door begging for love and a home
    We’ve done that too with no regrets. God has a plan for those
    that take in the “homeless”.

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