All about the wheaten Scottish Terrier

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News gets a lot of visitors looking for information about wheaten Scotties so we’ve created a new category and grouped all our posts on wheatens together.

According to the Scottish Terrier Club of America, only about 5-10% of Scotties. Wheatens are not white although the STCA notes that “the wheaten coat can be very light especially if it has been clippered. Often the Wheaten Scottish Terrier is confused with the West Highland White Terrier, as in the Black and White Ads. They are not the same breed.”

Wheaten Scotties have a far more rectangular head than Westies, they’re more handsome than pretty and their build is stockier. Below we bring you a watercolour wheaten Scottie whose gender is undetermined and a pretty boy westie.

Wheaten Scotty Watercolor, originally uploaded by

, originally uploaded by paulh192.

For the full plain vanilla or white guy experience, you can also check out this video of a wheaten scottish terrier hanging with his west highland buddy.

3 thoughts on “All about the wheaten Scottish Terrier

  1. Thank you for bringing some attention to wheaten scotties! It really does get tiring to have to explain to everyone we meet that Cambria is a scottish terrier & that they come in 3 different colors.

  2. The second picture is actually a Westie, not a Scottie! I have a wheaten Scottie myself and people think he is a Westie all the time, but Westies are groomed differently and have shorter snouts.

    1. thatsavageg, if you’d actually read above the painting & picture you would have seen it said one was a “a pretty boy westie.” They were put together only for comparison purposes. .
      I just discovered “Wheaton Scotties” today. Where have they been hiding from me??? LOL From my looking at pictures it seems the MOST obvious difference between them and Westies is the ears. Wheatons seem to all have big upright alert ears and Westies have small perky little ears. But I have seen that mentioned anywhere (so far).

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