Ay Caramba! Kika the Scottie Has Two Mommies!!

So sorry! With all the controversy swirling around the last instalment of our ‘Scottish Terriers Around the World’ feature, we didn’t get around to posting this week’s — look for it later today.

In the mean time, here’s the latest on the Mexican Scottish Terrier situation. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has been reprimanded by Kika’s lesbian-and-proud owners for accusing them of violating dog-driving safety standards and of allowing Kika to drink unsafe water, but Kika’s two moms have kindly agreed to let the videos stay up in the name of encouraging open internet discourse.

So in the spirit of continental cooperation, we will put their videos in cinematic context as we are wont to do at the Scottie News. The driving one kind of reminds us of Two for the Road with a lesbian couple replacing the traditional heterosexual one. As for the fountain scene, well, what else? La Dolce Vita. No Scotties but there is a kitten.

Our previous coverage of gay issues can be found in this Brokeback Mountain-reminiscient video featuring a Scottish Terrier and this report on a play starring a gay Scottie.

3 thoughts on “Ay Caramba! Kika the Scottie Has Two Mommies!!

  1. I haven’t had this much fun since you featured the pictures of that lovely topless lass with her Aberdeen Terrier. As I said yesterday, Bells for everyone.Anonymous — the loose translation from Spanish is “how did it get erased so fast?”And I too don’t have a clue what they’re on about.

  2. Who was it that said, “you can’t make this stuff up.”

    I’ve been following this blog from the beginning and this is, possibly, my favorite story yet.

  3. I am another lesbian Scottie owner with a really funny story. My partner and I had a wonderful Scottish Terrier named Heather given to us in 1986, long before the book Heather Has Two Mommies was published.

    After it became popular, we never heard the end of it. Everyone made Heather has two mommies jokes about our beautiful dog who took her last walk in 2000.

    Props to Kika and her two moms.

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