Dressing dogs to look like celebs

We haven’t had a really good post on dog clothes since Robbie Burns day when we asked if you should dress your dog in a kilt to celebrate the occasion and found several spectacular photos.

Well now comes news from Reuters that there are people who actually dress their dogs up in the same outfits that movie stars have worn on the red carpet.

This Yorkie for example is wearing a J-Lo knock-off . Comments the designer and co-founder of Little Lily, Lara Alameddine: “The question I always have to ask is what’s going to look good on the small torso of a dog?”

Hmmm, well, we can think of a whole lot of other questions to ask but why spoil the fun. Watch the whole slide show to see J-Lo in the original and to learn which legendary tough guy also buys Little Lily. Probably wears a kilt too.