Happy Valentine’s Day from the Scottie News

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News is inviting you to a very special wedding that took place in September 2005.

Percy the Scottie dog was a very important part of the wedding party.

She primped with the bridesmaids.

And posed with her owner, the fabulously beautiful bride.

And went for walks with the brother-in-law, the cat person.

No wonder she needed a little pick-me-up.

It’s tough when your owner gets married, even if the groom’s a great and handsome guy.

And you get to go to the ceremony.

It’s scary, a real leap of faith.

Sometimes, Percy just couldn’t bring herself to look.

But when it was over, she realized everything was okay.

And that threesomes are actually kind of fun.

Many thanks to Kelly and Tom for allowing the Scottie News to use the lovely photos from their beautiful wedding. Sadly, Percy died of bladder cancer at nine years old in January 2007 after almost a year and a half of married life. RIP.


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8 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day from the Scottie News

  1. Thank you so much!! That made me cry! What a nice Valentine’s Day!! We do miss her so much and I’m still so glad I fought everyone to have her as such a major part of our wedding.

  2. How lovely and I am so sorry to hear about he loss of Percy. She was so loved and I am happy to see that she got to be a part of their very special day. If I could make one wish to God, it would be that our pets lived to be as old as us. That would be a wonderful thing!!!! RIP Percy!

    Becky and Duhgall

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