Monopoly’s Scottie dog jumps back to life

About a year and a half ago ago when Hasbro Games annouced it would be replacing its traditional Scottie dog token with a Labradoodle there was a huge outcry among Scottish Terrier lovers. Now, however, we are able to bring you some good news.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has learned (via Coffee is for Closers) that Juicy Couture — that favourite of trendy teenage girls who bug their mothers to buy them its overpriced casual clothes and accessories emblazoned with Scotties — has come out with its own version of Monopoly which resurrects the Scottie token. And to think, it’s not even Easter yet.

3 thoughts on “Monopoly’s Scottie dog jumps back to life

  1. Scotties should NEVER have been replaced! SOME things are just not better with change. Change for
    ‘Change” sake is usually not the best for anyone. Remember all those ‘new and improved’ products that were WORSE????? and more money?

    The Jewelry comapny, AGATHA,has the iconic Scottie as their logo, so something with Scotties on it is always in their collections. They are international but not too many stores in the US. One of them is in my town of Las Vegas.

  2. Of all nerve — replacing our Scottish Terrier with a Doodle! I own the LARGE Scottish Terrier Token from 1998…now I’ll have to find the LARGE Begging Scottie Token if there is on??! 🙂

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