With one week to go before Westminster Dog Show, here are the past Scottish Terrier winners

In preparation for next week’s Westminster Dog Show, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News is looking back at all the Scotties who have won best in show. They are:

1911 Tickle Em Jock who put an end to the reign of the fox terrier, which had one best in show since the first cup was awarded in 1907.The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has reported on Jock before. He was the guy who bit the judge’s wrist. Not smart!

1945 Shieling’s Signature put an end to the longest dry spell ever for Scottie dogs in Westminster history. If you happen to be in New York next week, you can stop by the William Secord Gallery, which specializes in dog art, and pick up a drawing of this fine fellow for $2,200.

1965 Carmichael’s Fanfare who would later become a Youtube video star.

1967 Bardene Bingo claimed not just the Westminster best-in-show title but English and Canadian championships as well. You can pick up this collectible book page about Bingo for just $7, a lot cheaper than the Shieling’s Signature drawing.

1985 Braeburn’s Close Encounter won Westminster the year after the New York Times reported that the Florida bitch was the most winning dog in US dog show history.

1995 Gaelforce Post Script aka Peggy Sue who, as the Scottie News previously reported, celebrated her win by eating steak atop a table at Sardi’s. Her three-year-old granddaughter Hiwood Lady Georgianna of Elidor is also a dog show star who might very well carry on the family’s winning Westminster tradition.

After all, Scottish Terriers are due for another win!

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