What is the worst dog breed to groom?

Scottish Terrier, originally uploaded by dog.happy.art.

(This was originally posted on Feb. 11 but may have gotten overlooked amid all the Westminster coverage so it’s being reposted.)

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News recently stumbled across this dog groomers’ site where they’re asking: “What is the worst breed of dog you have groomed and why?” Here’s just some of what the people who groom your pets — and put them in noose-like contraptions like the one shown above — have to say about Scotties:

Well, yesterday I thought of a new dog to add to my list of least fave to groom… the SCOTTIE. I groom two of them and they are both exactly the same so stubborn and do not listen to a darn thing that I say.


oh god yes the scottie!! I groom one who is bordering on evil lol!! However hes a smart cookie and didnt take him long to cotton on that being evil to the person holding a pair of scissors near your vitals isnt a good idea !!!

What next? Am I going to discover a site where my hairdresser’s posting on the web and discussing his clients?

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18 thoughts on “What is the worst dog breed to groom?

  1. This made me angry to read that a “professional” is speaking about the dogs like this. You know, dogs pick up on whether or not someone is being mean to them. I would love to know who the evil groomer is. How terrible!!!!! Poor baby!


  2. I think you’re taking it too seriously. Dog groomers enjoy talking about the dogs they work on just like waitresses talk about their clients and teachers about their students.

  3. I agree with Teacher. I’m sure that it isn’t as bad as the groomer makes it out to be otherwise they would refuse to groom that particular dog. My sister-in-law is a dog groomer and she says the terriers are the worst when it comes to clipping nails! She still loves them though.

  4. you obviously do not groom dogs. some breeds, mostly terriers even my own JRT are a nightmare to groom no matter HOW gentle and nice you are.

  5. I have a Scottie too and I NEVER believe the groomer when she said he was good! He’s a pain to even brush at home and he acts like you are killing him if you even go near his feet! Hats off to groomer who can handle Scotties!

  6. I’m a groomer, and I was a little offended by your suggesting that we use a “noose” to groom. A grooming loop goes around the dog’s neck just like a leash and it is for the safety of the dog and groomer. How else do you suggest we keep a dog still?

    I love Scotties and they are fun to groom, but some of them can be scary. Those huge teeth on that little body are hard to keep away from sometimes! I hope you will give groomers some slack on this. We work hard and deal with a lot from dogs that are not always properly trained. Grooming is not an easy job, and yes, sometimes we do have to “vent” with other groomers. Without these grooming forums we’d go nuts, lol. 🙂

  7. Scottie News was only kidding. We have nothing but the greatest respect for our groomers. We insist on the noose-thing just like we insist on seatbelts.

    And yes, Scottie teeth are indeed big and scary.

  8. That’s funny my groomer loves doing scottie cuts and i have three of them. (Dogs do sense Evil) LOL
    if you can’t handle challenges then you should not be in that perfession.

  9. i think the groomers are “right on” . they gave the scotties credit for being both stubborn and smart. if you are owned by a scottie, you will know this to be true. i have been owned by scotties for 21 years. (but we don’t take them to groomers anymore, too many problems years ago so we started doing our own grooming).

  10. in regards to the scotties feet ,you must rub your scotties feet on a regular basis our scottie who is 51/2 months loves it especially after she is wet from being outside.we do it also when we use a towel to dry her she thinks it play time .

  11. Haha! My rescue Scottie is notorious for having a “tude” at the groomers. I have no issue with letting them be the bad guys. He comes out of there looking gorgeous.

  12. I’ve shared my life with Scotties for more than 40 years and anyone that does not recognize that they are stubborn, as well as smart, is not being realistic. I love them absolutely and still know that they can be incredibly challenging to groom.

  13. We have two wonderful Scotties and we decided after trying several different groomers that we would do it ourselves. I have always brushed them, so this is just the next step. I hated taking them to the groomer, they would always be there for 3 or 4 hours, they’d be in the kennels for too long, our little man is high anxiety so he’d always be stressed, I was never convinced they were treated right and they always came home with something “wrong” either their ears or skirt or tail wasn’t cut right. They seem very casual about the whole thing and in fact they’ve learned very fast that there is a correlation between “the table” and milk bones! I love my Mavis and Jimmy!

  14. Any Scottie lover will tell you that they can be difficult to bathe, clipper, or mess with their feet. They are smart and stubborn, and the most engaging, entertaining breed there is. I had to learn to groom my Scotties when I had 3 at one time–couldn’t afford to have it done. I did a pretty good job until I got a wheaten. The hair is a different texture and every little mistake is a *glaring* mistake! Now I have only the wheaten, and I found a groomer who wanted to learn to groom her exactly as I want her, not what she learned from a book or from training. So I can afford to pay (for only one), and the groomer is happy to learn my way, and my Maggie looks great!

    1. How right you are! I groomed my black Scotties without any problems but now that I have a wheaten, she goes to the groomer to get pretty.

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