Scottish Terriers Around the World: Canada

mountie with scottie dogHaving gotten in a spot of trouble over our Scottish Terriers in Mexico post, the Scottie Dog News is shying away from potential cultural misunderstandings and controversies today. For our regular weekly ‘Scottish Terriers Around the World’ feature, we’re staying home in Canada, global headquarters of our canine internet operation. Long-time readers have already seen this charming classic winter shot of the Scottie News‘ very own Bridget, and this series of her frolicking in the snow. Then there’s this video of snowy Lucien, another Quebec Scottish Terrier, and the full-sized version of the classic photo (shown above left) of a red-coated mountie with his Scottish Terrier.

But you deserve something new after waiting so long for this much-delayed instalment. So how about both a Scottish Terrier and a West Highland Terrier enjoying a Sunday afternoon in the park, pointillist-style camera work included. It’s the Scotties versus the Westies.

scottish terrier and west highland terrier in snow

One thought on “Scottish Terriers Around the World: Canada

  1. Looks like a fun day for the dogs! I get such a kick out of looking at your photos! Brigette is so adorable!!!

    Becky and Duhgall

    PS: Doogs had his first snow outing the other day. Will do a post soon about it.

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