Scottish Terriers Around the World: Estonia

For our weekly installment of our “Scottish Terriers Around the World” series, we’re traveling to Estonia where, it has come to light, they have summer camps for Scotties and their owners. The sub-titles are Estonian, which makes watching this a little bit like tuning into the latest season of Lost. So many unanswered questions…

“Where are they again?”

“Whoa, what on earth are they doing now?”

“Did I miss something here? Where did the cowboy hats come from?”

“What’s up with the song selection?”

Part I is a little slow but it sets the atmosphere. Part II really picks up at the 1:44 minute mark when everyone and their Scottish Terrier starts dancing.

Part I

Part II

On a more serious note, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News will undertake some serious research into the state of purebred dogs in former communist countries. We’re wondering if this is a new trend or if, even back in the bad old days, dog lovers behind the iron curtain could get their hands on all sorts of different dog breeds.

I’m leaning toward the latter based on conversations I’ve had in the past with my Scottie’s Polish dog sitter. And speaking of Poland and Scottish Terriers, here’s President Lech Kaczynski’s dog Titus.
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Update: You can find more information on the videos in the comments. In addition, a reader writes that there are two main Scottish Terrier breeders in Estonia: Kennel Marland and Kennel Hocline, which bred her Scottie. Our reader adds: “Additionally there is a very green breeder – me :).
Kennel Elvenwood but my passion is more the other breed-skye terrier.”

5 thoughts on “Scottish Terriers Around the World: Estonia

  1. Wow, we are famous now :). That’s right, Estonian Scottish Terrier Club organizes every summer the summer-camp. To make it even more attractive for humans, we do have different themes for activities and food. In 2007 cowboy-style was chosen. Additionally we have lots of activities for dogs – for example on the first part of the video you see me teaching clicker method and little tricks with my scotty. We do have also autumn walks with scotties in the nature.
    It was really enjoyable to read that you have made the whole blog about scotties :). With the best regards from Estonia. Lea

  2. Maybe, when the Scottie News becomes a multimedia conglomerate or a true social medium, we’ll organize Scottie camps too. They look like a lot of fun.

    Are Scottie very popular in Estonia? Is it difficult to get one?

  3. Maybe we have confused you with the word ‘camp’. It is more of a get-together for two and a half days…
    Scotties are not overly popular in Estonia, we are a country of 1.4 million inhabitants and about 30-40scotties are registered a year. Most of these 30 or 40 are a result of very careful breeding programs so in a way it may be difficult to get “just a pet”. Many of our pet scotties have secret lives as show dogs. For example, the one in the first video clip showing “fall down” and “high five” with the clicker training method is actually European Winner 2006 and FCI international beauty champion Hocline’s Galadriel Lady of the Wood.

    We can also boast an Estonian-bred World Junior Winner – Marland Jacqueline and European Junior Winner Marland Lenten Rose.

    Margareta – from the Estonian Scottie Club.

  4. Wow, thanks for all that info. As soon as I get over my nasty cold I will check out those links and update this post.

    We are all Estonian Scottie experts now!

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