Sorry to be a spoilsport but…

… the Terrierman has a long post on the problem with dog shows that’s well worth reading. For some reason, I can never link his individual items so you’ll have to go to the main page and scroll down. Look for his photo of the lady with the Westies at Crufts.

Terrierman says the AKC has destroyed working terriers:

A popular line of rhetoric within the Kennel Club crowd is that individual breeders ruin the dogs, not the Kennel Club itself. This rhetoric is designed to absolve the Kennel Club of its responsibility for the genetic decline of working dogs.

In fact, the rules and selection bias of the Kennel Club are a very large part of the problem — every much a part of the problem as individual breeders (who have no power to reform the Kennel Club itself).

The genetic destruction of working dogs begins with the fact that the Kennel Club mandates that each breed club “close” its registry after an initial influx of “pure bred” dogs.

In fact most breed clubs start with a very small base of dogs, and then move to close breed roles as quickly as possible in order to create economic value for the breeders that are “in” the club.

A closed genetic registry results in increasing levels of inbreeding and increased concentrations of genetic faults.

In fact, Kennel Club dogs are so deeply inbred and rich with genetic defects that mapping the genome of Kennel Club dogs was one of the first tasks undertaken by genetic scientists eager to crack the human genetic code in order to eradicate diseases.

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