Sunday is Scottish Terrier Oscar Day

Nominate your favourite Scottish Terrier videos for the first ever Scottie News Oscars. Search through our archives to see all the Scottie dog videos that have been featured here. Or head over to YouTube and pick the best Scottish Terrier videos that we haven’t yet discovered. Anything goes.

We’ll be picking a best comedy, best drama, best foreign film and much more. Send us your nominations. You can either suggest a competition category or leave it up to the Scottie News editorial team.

Winners will be announced either Sunday night or Monday morning.
For more Scottish Terrier and Scottie Dog videos, click on the video label directly below.

5 thoughts on “Sunday is Scottish Terrier Oscar Day

  1. I nominate Kika has Two Mommies for best foreign film. And SAdie, the beer-fetching Scottie for best actress.

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