Westminster: Cosby’s dandy dog won best terrier

The winner of the best terrier at the 2007 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York was a Dandie Dinmont owned by Bill Cosby. Here’s the Associated Press report from last year:

Erinn Cosby called her famous dad, then ran onto the green carpet at Madison Square Garden for more pressing business: Kissing one lucky dog smack on the mouth.

Co-owned by Bill Cosby, a 6-year-old Dandie Dinmont named Harry won the always tough terrier group at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show Monday night.

“They were all beautiful dogs out there,” Erinn Cosby said, “but there was only one.”

Harry aka Hobergays Fineus Fogg entered the show as the country’s top dog but, as the New England Patriots can tell you, being the favourite doesn’t guarantee a win and, in the end, he lost out to the English Springer Spaniel knows as James for short.

Oh well, maybe a terrier will reclaim the crown in 2008. According to this New York Times report from 2006, terriers are the traditional Westminster favourites.

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