CMU Scottie trained for ceremonial functions

The Calgary Sun is reporting that Maggie, the six-month-old Scottish Terrier puppy donated by Bill Cosby to Carnegie Mellon University, comes from Stalwart Kennels near Calgary.

As previously reported by the Scottie News, Maggie will leave for Pittsburgh at the end of May where she will live with eccentric CMU engineering professor Larry Cartwright and make her campus debut in the fall.

In the meantime, Maggie is being trained for her upcoming ceremonial function. And being of highland lineage, she should be a natural, according to the Sun.

“This is the only university that offers a degree in bagpiping,” her breeder Sheila Scott told the newspaper. “She’ll be expected to go to parades twice a year … she’s going to be expected to be pretty fearless, but Scotties are naturally a confident dog.”