Updated: Dog enjoys special robot ball launcher

This ball throwing machine for dogs seems very complicated and like it might be prone to breakdowns, but Jerry the Dachshund looks as if he knows it well enough to fix it if anything goes wrong. Smart dog!

In the past few days, Jerry has become a full-fledged internet star.

Since there have been quite a few questions about wiener dog Jerry and his special ball throwing machine , the Daily Dachshund and Dog News (our sister site) has snooped through the YouTube comments and dug up with some answers from lamgngo, Jerry’s owner and inventor extrordinaire.

mrceq said: I need this machine!!! My tekel thinks that I am the machine and I have to throw the ball over and over again!!!

lamgngo said: That’s what my dog thought of me before I built the ball machine!

mo0929 said: That is what I need for my doxie!!! Where did you get that??? I love it!!!

lamgngo said: The ball machine was a fun project some years ago. It took far too much time and efforts to build it. I was constantly reminded of Rube Goldberg, the cartoonist that depicted very complex devices to perform simple tasks in some convoluted ways. The dog and I had fun with it….

lautore5 said: Not that I don’t think that’s a very cool idea, but there’s something about watching the dog reloading that contraption, tail wagging the whole time, that makes me feel sad.

lamgngo said: This machine was not meant to substitute, but complement my playing with Jerry. By the way, Jerry also wags his tail when I throw the ball for him 😉

lamgngo said: Even with this machine, Jerry still gets more hand thrown balls than that counter on the machine can keep up with. Please enjoy the video….

nyquilpinches said: Did you make that your self? or was it bought? if you made it and wouldent mind sharing plans that would be awesome

lamgngo said: Yes, I built it. Was to be a simple week long project, but it turned into an OBSESSION and took about 2 years of on and off work to complete…mainly writing the software to run it. Enjoy the video, but I would dissuade you from build it!

batbawls said: What happens if Jerry gets a tooth snagged on the band or somewhere on the Ball Tosser 3000?

lamgngo said: I have half dozen IR proximity sensors to (hopefully) keep that from happening. He’d learned to move away from the machine before it will FIRE! Thanks for the concern.

While several commenters have called on the inventor to bring his product to market, he is remaining mum. The Daily Doxie has, however, put in a request for an interview. Personally I’d like to see an Apple version of it. Steve Jobs, can you hear me?

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  1. I need to know where I can get one of those…. my boys (Angus the Scottie and Ozzie the Westie)are constantly waiting for someone to throw or kick the tennis ball to them… Is this something one can purchase?

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