Earth Dog information — at long last!!!


Update: The Terrierman has posted a fantastic article that he wrote for Dog World magazine on earthdog trials also known as “go to ground.” Everything including the tunnels and the caged rats, is explained very clearly (not the case in a lot of other articles) and you come away wanting to sign up your terrier.

Way back when Helen won the Scottish Terrier and Dog Newsfirst ever Oscar contest, we promised to investigate the story of her choice, which was earth dogs and hunting Scotties. I apologize for being somewhat remiss, but it’s time to get things started so here’s a link to a very informative Earth Dog page courtesy of the equally informative Scottish Terrier Home Page. As for hunting Scotties, I’m not turning up a whole lot. Even the Terrier Man, who specializes in hunting terriers, rarely has Scottie news because he doesn’t think much of the current breed standard.

Readers, if you know anything, please share your knowledge in the comments. You can also click on the photo above, which will take you over to Flickr where there are a lot more details and pictures of an earth dog course.

And here’s some video of dog students — including a Westie — doing an “Introduction to Quarry”