Lithuanian Scottish Terrier really rocks it!

The Eurovision song contest‘s not ’til May, but this Lithuanian Scottie video is good enough to keep you going until the preliminary rounds get under way in Belgrade. Chunga changa la la la la la chunga changa la da da da dee.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News believes the Scottie in this video has definite rock star potential. His ears are to dogs what Mick Jagger’s lips are to humans.

We would, however, like to advise his breeder and videographer– Tikras Bildukas of Lithuania — that the dog’s human co-stars should lose the puffy jackets and get some Abba-style spandex jumpsuits if thing are really going to take off.

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2 thoughts on “Lithuanian Scottish Terrier really rocks it!

  1. Puts me in mind of the Mohawk hairdos I used to see on the mean streets of Glasgow back in 1981.

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