Great Scottish Terrier Sculpture

In the past few days, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has stumbled across two interesting Scottie sculpture stories.

First off, we came across Chainsaw Chick, whose motto is “from logs to dogs” and who does really fun art which you can see on the left and below. Original as this sounds, she is not to be confused with the other Chainsaw Chick who does much cheesier work and no Scotties as far as we can tell. The Scottie News will, however, refrain from saying anymore about this particular Chainsaw Chick given that she wields a chainsaw and we don’t.

While we don’t know if the Chainsaw Chick currently has any Scottie Dog sculptures for sale, we do know via YouTube that John Abduljaami, renowned Oakland artist, who works with found wood and sculpts with axe, chisel and saw, currently has a Scottish Terrier up for sale. It’s not cheap at $750, but you’ll be in good company as the Oakland museum has two of the sculptor’s works in their permanent collection.