The Kremlin’s new ‘top dog’ is a cat

With that notorious Scottie disser and person of interest to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, Vladimir Putin, about to, ahem, step down as Russian president, the mantle of first pet is about to pass from a poodle macho lab to an emasculated cat.

The Telegraph of London has reported that when president-elect Dmitry Medvedev moves into the Kremlin on May 7, he will be accompanied by his blue-eyed Siberian colourpoint, Dorotheus.

Apparently, Dorotheus once lost a fight to ex-neighbour and former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev’s cat. “The feline fighter, now four years old, had to be treated with antibiotics for more than a month after the scrap,” reports the Telegraph. “Even worse, he was castrated in an attempt to prevent him getting into more trouble.”

The Scottie News suggest that Dorotheus — who, interestingly enough appears to have no publicity photos — would be wise to keep both a low profile and a sharp lookout out for former leader’s pets. Mr. Medvedev might also want to consider getting himself one of those home-bred Black Russian Terriers.