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Caleb 14-06-06, originally uploaded by LLeufer.

Faithful readers and — what the heck! — not so faithful ones too, would you like to help out the Scottish Terrier and Dog News?

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5 thoughts on “Lend a hand to the Scottie News

  1. Does anyone know of a website with a photo of the WW2 Memphis Belle crew mascot who was a scottie named Stuka?

  2. Sorry this took so long – only just stumbled across your question today … (2011, vice 2008 when you asked it …)

    Photo is named “PopAndStuka” – I’m not sure how many Scotties there were named “Stuka” … but I’m crosschecking the crew names to see if this jives …

    Yup – this photo includes the name “S/Sgt Nastal”, and I’d actually guessed it was a “Waist Gunner’s” position on a B-17 – Tony Nastal is listed as the Right Waist Gunner of the Memphis Belle (Deceased 2002)

  3. Doh! – don’t ya just HATE it when you press “Enter”, but then … sigh … anyway – turns out the guy in the photo is actually the Memphis Belle’s co-pilot, Jim Vernis (Deceased 2003) – photo origin is described thusly: {Information |Description=Jim Verinis with his wartime Scottish Terrier ‘Stuka’ |Source=*8th Air Force Photographers |Date=1943 |Author= |Permission=AP |other_versions= }

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