Rebecca Preston has owned Scotties since 1914

The Lincoln County News in Maine has a profile of Scottie owner Rebecca Preston, who is 104.

Preston has owned a Scottish Terrier since 1914, making her the longest living person to own a Scotty. As she spoke, her Scotty Precious laid near her feet, and her 20-year-old coon cat, Chessie, sat nearby. Preston pulled out a photo album of Scotties, pictures sent to her for her 104th (and a half) birthday by the Scotty Club.

She received a personal letter from First Lady Laura Bush and two 8 by 11 pictures of the President and Mrs. Bush’s Scotties, after Preston had to put down one of her beloved Scotties in January 2004. “I told Mom we’d get her another Scotty, and she said, who is going to give me a dog, I’ll be 100 in June,” Scudder said.

Preston was friends with a Pennsylvania artist who painted the First Family’s dogs and ran a Scotty rescue league. Preston got her Scotty. The artist contacted Laura Bush and told her about Preston, a 100-year-old woman who was the biggest admirer of Scotties. Laura sent the letter, which is framed and mounted on the wall above Preston’s bed.

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  1. The Bush family are such considerate people. I have read of several acts of thoughtfulness and kindness, this is heartwarming, what a great lady Ms. Preston is! Sally

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